Online Poker V.S. Traditional Poker

Poker is one of the most classic pkv games when it comes to cards. In fact, it is the defacto game once you bring out a deck of cards. This is because the mechanics of the game utilizes the perfect combination of luck and skill. Plus, you throw in some money for a fun bet and you got yourself the makings of a perfect game.

However, the pandemic has brought the amount of on-hand physical poker down to a minimum. This has, undoubtedly, lessened the number of people in a casino by a whopping margin. But do not fret my fellow gambler, there is hope yet again. Introducing the wonderful innovation of online poker.

This is exactly as the name suggests, poker but done online. Although the ruling of the game is generally the same, the tactics are implemented quite differently. Even if you are a professional at your poker craft, you can still be culture-shocked when switching to online poker.

Here are some of the major key differences between online poker and traditional poker.


The cornerstone of poker is the gambling aspect of the game. It doesn’t really matter if you use points or real money for your chips. The only important thing here is that it represents the amount of risk you are willing to bet. This is why the game heavily appeals to gamblers around the world.

However, one of the key tactics of every traditional player is relying on their poker faces. These are the faces in which they try to convey as little emotion as possible. They do this to ensure that they do not have a tell when they get a good set of cards. In addition, the body language of the player can be measured to have an inkling if they are getting excited or not. This amazing psychoanalysis of a person is one of the most breathtaking skills of a professional poker player.

Online poker, on the other hand, is generally played without the use of a camera. That would mean that there is no way you can determine the physical features and reactions of a person. The long years you spent developing a “reading” technique against another player is useless in online casinos. That is where the real counting skills begin. You need to expertly predict a player’s bluff and hand by carefully watching everything that happens in the game. Although, that would generally take a much longer time of play rather than doing it in a traditional physical sense.